Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hourglass Veil Foundation

A couple weeks ago I noticed that my skin was starting to look extremely bad around my jaw line, cheek, and chin area.  I was getting little bumps that just would not go away =(   I figured it probably had to do w/ my foundation; HD foundation by Makeup Forever.  Dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this foundation it looks freakin amazing on the skin (i will never give up using this foundation).... but with continued everyday use it gives my skin bumps  =/.  So I knew I had to change up my foundation and couldnt wear my HD foundation on a daily basis anymore.  

So I started to use my Nars sheer glow foundation and Lancome teint idole instead.  Then I discovered Hourglass Veil Foundation ...and OMG I love it!! Yes it does cost 60 bucks =/ but it is fabulous!! This foundation claims: it has medium coverage (i feel like it is full coverage) and its a "treatment foundation" in this case it helps produce collagen, reduce appearance of wrinkles and tighten the skin.  It is also oil/paraben/fragrance free and it has SPF 15. 

...the best thing about this foundation.. it helped clear up my skin and keep it clear .. it has some ingredient that helps do this ...but I have not yet pin pointed what it is. It wears well all day, is creamy and has a thicker consistency (causing my skin to get oily quicker than w/ other foundations) than i am used to; but i dont consider it a bad thing. 

I am wearing Hourglass foundation (color 1.5):



P.S: Betsey Johnson is having a 40%-70% off sale on their website (Feb 25th-Mar 3rd) yay!!=D

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