Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This or That?


blush or bronzer: Bronzer (w/shimmer)
lip gloss or lipstick: Lipstick (cuz some will have that sheen for a lipgloss look)
eye liner or mascara: Mascara
foundation or concealer: concealer
neutral or color eye shadow: neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows: pressed  (cuz the loose ones get all over the plae :/ )
brushes or sponges: Brushes!!!!
OPI or china glaze: OPI
Long or short: More on the short side
Acrylic or natural: natural (had acrylics for a year and a half and they left my poor real nails so damaged)
Brights or darks: tough one...brights
Flower or no flower: flower only on my big toe.. not hands

perfume or body splash: oerfume
lotion or body butter: lotion (havent found a body butter I really like... any suggestions?)
body wash or soap: another tough one .. i alternate btwn the 2 daily...Body wash
lush or other bath company: other ... lush is too pricey

jeans or sweat pants: jeans ... (love sweats but wearing em out and abt .. not so much)
long sleeve of short: for now short since its summer
dresses or skirts: dresses
stripes or plaid: stripes
flip flops or sandals: flip flops
scarves or hats: scarves
studs or dangly earrings: dangly
necklaces or bracelets: bracelets
heels or flats: heels
cowboy boots or riding boots: uugghh dont really wear much of either.. riding
jacket or hoodie: hoodie
forever 21 or charlotte russe: charlotte russe
abercombie or Hollister: nope but if I had to choose ..hollister
saks 5th or nordstrom: nordstrom

curly or straight: wearing it curly lately since im trying not to use any heat in my hair.. so I let it air dry curly-ish
bun or ponytail: ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips: bobby pins
hair spray or gel: hair spray
long or short: long :D
light or dark: dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs: side swept
up or down: down

Rain or shine: shine
Summer or winter: summer
Fall or spring: spring
Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
East coast or west coast: west

Monday, August 16, 2010

AND another product review :)

ok so I have to start by saying I love MAKE UP FOR EVER and that is why I might be a bit too nice to the follow product that it deserves.
It is the High Definition Elixer $38..
What it claims to do:
Its a serum that hydrates and adds radiance to the skin.

This unique, lightweight elixir absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly hydrating and brightening the complexion. Each ingredient was specifically added to prepare skin for high- definition makeup—so you can count on the camera picking up the perks of this perfecting formula.

Now even tho this product gets great reviews.. I say its not that greatest thing ..Ihardly noticed a difference in my skin or how my make-up would wearon the days I put on this product. It does absorb quicky but I did not see any difference in the hydration of my skin and nor did i see a big difference in the brightnesss.. OMG and it finishes so quicky too :/ I would say this product is not a must and If you ask me I would just stick To the MUFE HD foundation (LOOOVVVEEE IT!!).

I do tend to post random things in no particular order but I would love to hear for you guys as to what kind of posts you would like to see.. please let me know :o)

Product Review: Power Youth

Power Youth is a moisturized (they say its a serum.. but I say otherwise) from GIVENCHY with SPF 15.  It retails for $61.. (kinda pricy ..so I will not re-invest in this product for a while).
What they say it will do: prevent signs of aging before they start..

did I see a difference .. nah not really but then again im only 24

What did I loveabout this product:
It left my skin sooo smooth yet moisturized.. if has spf but it was not heavy or greasy at all... it had a very light smell so that was a plus because I dislike heavy scented products. I also noticed it would give my skin a nice glow ..to the point where i felt it necessary to not wear foundation.

Nail polish love...AGAIN :p

So I have fallen in love yet again... and this time with Lucky Lucky Lavender... OOHH my freakin GOOODDNESSSS this color is just so cute!

Remind me of strawberry milk or even MAC's Snob lipstick (one of my favs!) ..cool tone bab-ish pink w/ a lil pop!

I even did my toes to match ;p
If you happen to be interested in this color ..get it ASAP before it is gone...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wicked... finally!!

So I finally saw Wicked at the Orpheum yesterday.. and it was amazing!! I have been waiting to see it for a long time now.. It was my birthday last week and my bf got us tickets to go see it.  The performance was great and upbeat for the most part.  The costumes were very unique and breath taking, the stage set up and transitions were done very well.. I wont say too much but all in all its a must see!!

Before we went to the show we had dinner at a Brazilian  place called Espetus.  Its a nice little place on Market St. about 5 blocks away from the theater.. now me being a vegetarian .. I probably would not have gone there if it werent for my bf that very much enjoys meat.  It is buffet style ..kinda.. the people come around with different meat and pour if for you unitl you indicate on your place card that you dont want anymore.  I had a salad and then we had dessert... and OMG mine was soo good it was called "the peanutbutter thing" and I loved it!

He likes to take pics and sometimes I get camera shy ;p