Monday, August 2, 2010

Wicked... finally!!

So I finally saw Wicked at the Orpheum yesterday.. and it was amazing!! I have been waiting to see it for a long time now.. It was my birthday last week and my bf got us tickets to go see it.  The performance was great and upbeat for the most part.  The costumes were very unique and breath taking, the stage set up and transitions were done very well.. I wont say too much but all in all its a must see!!

Before we went to the show we had dinner at a Brazilian  place called Espetus.  Its a nice little place on Market St. about 5 blocks away from the theater.. now me being a vegetarian .. I probably would not have gone there if it werent for my bf that very much enjoys meat.  It is buffet style ..kinda.. the people come around with different meat and pour if for you unitl you indicate on your place card that you dont want anymore.  I had a salad and then we had dessert... and OMG mine was soo good it was called "the peanutbutter thing" and I loved it!

He likes to take pics and sometimes I get camera shy ;p

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