Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dior and EOS

Like every other make-up junkie I will go through phases of lip products.  I will start using something and then I will keep it in my purse and continue to use it until I re-discover something else.  At the moment I am loving the Dior addict ultra gloss pearls:

Number 267 (pink) and 236 (peach). I usually wear nude0ish colored lips so these go well with the lipsticks I wear.  I like the formula because it is very shiny w/o the sticky mess! .. down side ..at times the glitter can be a bit much for the day time.

Another lip product that I have been excited about lately is the EOS lip balm .. 

Not only is it the cutest thing ever but it feels sooooo good :o) It comes in different flavors also but the smell or taste is not over bearing.  I got a set of three for about $10 .. I wasnt going to use them all so I gave one to the sister and one to the bf.  If you ever have a problem w/ your lipstick not going on well because your lipbalm is too waxy you dont have to worry about that with this product. 

SSSOOOOO I got a killer sunburn.. then it became a nice-ish tan ....and now (not surprised) I am peeling like crazzzyyyyy!!!!  LOL to the fabulous tan line ;p

PLease Help... any tips on how to get rid of the peeling phase faster???

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finally got my hands on it!!

I have been looking all over for this color and finally found it!! and I freaking love it!! its the perfect bright-ish pastel-ish blue-ish green-ish!!

I put it on real quick on my nails.. it looks sloppy but I had to post a pic :o)

It is called Nouvelle Vague (#572) byCHANEL... it is from their limited summer collection.

It will look great on the toes also!

Monday, June 7, 2010

My sisters prom

So my sister's prom was this weekend and naturally she expected me to do her make-up ...even tho I was working.. =/  ..sooo being the nice and most amazing sister that I am;  I rushed home and had about 35 minuets to do her make-up.  We decided a smokey eye would be best. So I did a dark green smokey eye, with peachy cheeks and lips :o)

My sister can't keep make-up on her face to save her life ..she is so careless sometimes so I used this on her:

....and thank you God for this make-up setting spray because her make-up lasted all night. Now this is not a miracle product or anything but it does do what it says.  It keeps your make-up on longer! it is lightweight and dries quick too :).. and NOPE it didnt change the color of any of the products on her face

 22 more days until Eclipse!!! I am sooo excited!!! the bf says hes not.. but I know secretly even he is!!! who can resist these two ;p