Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dior and EOS

Like every other make-up junkie I will go through phases of lip products.  I will start using something and then I will keep it in my purse and continue to use it until I re-discover something else.  At the moment I am loving the Dior addict ultra gloss pearls:

Number 267 (pink) and 236 (peach). I usually wear nude0ish colored lips so these go well with the lipsticks I wear.  I like the formula because it is very shiny w/o the sticky mess! .. down side ..at times the glitter can be a bit much for the day time.

Another lip product that I have been excited about lately is the EOS lip balm .. 

Not only is it the cutest thing ever but it feels sooooo good :o) It comes in different flavors also but the smell or taste is not over bearing.  I got a set of three for about $10 .. I wasnt going to use them all so I gave one to the sister and one to the bf.  If you ever have a problem w/ your lipstick not going on well because your lipbalm is too waxy you dont have to worry about that with this product. 

SSSOOOOO I got a killer sunburn.. then it became a nice-ish tan ....and now (not surprised) I am peeling like crazzzyyyyy!!!!  LOL to the fabulous tan line ;p

PLease Help... any tips on how to get rid of the peeling phase faster???


  1. Oh J'adore the EOS lip balms - try the mint one aswell, it's absolute delish!
    Perhaps you can use a gentle scrub to peel??

    Anyways, I gave you and your blog an award - check it out at:
    /xxx Nete

  2. here's a tip:
    after shower - scrub gently over your skin with a not-so-soft-towel (maybe an old one?) or do a shower-peeling. after that: apply lotion and go to bed. maybe you must do it more often...
    (and next time: sunscreen, suncreen, suncreen *g*)

    sorry my english is very bad, but maybe you understand me :o)

  3. @ Jeanny and Ms confashion: thanks for the tips ladies.. the peeling has almost come to a stop :)