Monday, June 7, 2010

My sisters prom

So my sister's prom was this weekend and naturally she expected me to do her make-up ...even tho I was working.. =/  ..sooo being the nice and most amazing sister that I am;  I rushed home and had about 35 minuets to do her make-up.  We decided a smokey eye would be best. So I did a dark green smokey eye, with peachy cheeks and lips :o)

My sister can't keep make-up on her face to save her life ..she is so careless sometimes so I used this on her:

....and thank you God for this make-up setting spray because her make-up lasted all night. Now this is not a miracle product or anything but it does do what it says.  It keeps your make-up on longer! it is lightweight and dries quick too :).. and NOPE it didnt change the color of any of the products on her face

 22 more days until Eclipse!!! I am sooo excited!!! the bf says hes not.. but I know secretly even he is!!! who can resist these two ;p


  1. I didn't even know those sprays existed! that's awesome xx

  2. Aww, she looks really cute - amazing dress!
    And great blog too ;-D

    /xxx Nete