Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sooo sick =/

So the past couple days have been horrible .. I had caught the flu from a friend but I kept telling myself im fine.

WRONG! this morning I woke up with huge tonsils! UUMM GROSS and painful! and now I feel sicker than ever... but besides the hurt throat, running nose, constant sneezing/coughing, watery eyes, an annoying pounding in my head and an on/off temp .. i am totally fine ;o)

This morning I decided my favorite mascara routine is:

-curl (MAC)
-prep&prime lash (MAC)
-LashBlast (covergirl) 2 coats
-Fabulash (revlon) 2 coats ..over the lashblast

and taaa daa!!!

I get dark, long and thick lashes! and it comes off super easy when I wash my face because I use the non-waterproof kind.

Whats my favorite high end mascara combo??? ... havent quite decided yet... I'll keep you posted tho :o)

random quote I used today (love it):
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
I know its over used ..but its so freakin true!

P.S: yay for Shaun White on the cover of  RollingStone magazine!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Edward Cullen... my little problem

Ok so like a lot of other girls..and guys..after reading the Twilight series I also fell oh so hopelessly in love w/ Edward Cullen.
..No joke! to the point where i found myself quoting him =/ but who can blame me .. hes just so perfect!

So after falling in love w/ Edward and the twilight series, I watched Twilight (the movie) and slowly after watching it a few times started having a thing for Robert Pattinson. sister says his face looks like a foot! ugh! hate her sometimes =p

So I was watching the view the other day because Robert Pattinson was going to be on there; he was promoting his new movie Remember Me with Emilie de Ravin (girl from Lost).  Now I had seen previews of the movie before.. it was tempting but I had told myself I could live w/o  watching it..  yeah.. no! not after watching him on the view...

I freakin gotta watch it now.. I mean ..just look at him!!

THIS is freakin ridiculous one could almost say that Stephenie Mayer (author of Twilight/creator of Edward)  has even single handed-ly ruined my love life forever!!!  I want Edward and will never find him.. how sad :o(

All this madness could have been prevented if it werent for Stephenie having a dream about a vampire and a girl talking in the meadow about how "all this is impossible and will never work"... yeah thats how all this started ..w/ a dream!! Dont believe me? check out her website!

..but then again I live for madness ..otherwise things would be ooohhh soo boring!! and who likes BORING?!

..but dont take my word for it:

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous that absolutely boring"
-Marilyn Monroe

** New moon comes out on March 20th, 2010 ..SOOO soon =D  .. I already pre-ordered my "3"disc deluxe edition at 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Back-up Plan

OK so I am soooo super excited ever since I saw the preview for The Back-up Plan a couple weeks ago...because

#1:  I absolutely LOVE everything about Jennifer Lopez .. and totally look up to her in many ways (ill have to do a blog all about Jennifer).

#2 The movie looks hilarious!!!!

 Zoe (jennifer lopez) reminds me of an overly exaggerated version of a lot of girls i know ... unmarried yet desperate for a child naturally she is artificially inseminated by her best friend (Male) ...happy ending? not quite! this is when she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) and they start dating (she does not know shes pregnant at this point)... Let the complications and awkwardness begin!

It will be released April 23rd 2010! Cant wait! 

**BONUS: Alex O'Loughlin is just sooo darn good looking!!

As for this weeek yay for Alice in Wonderland tomorrow :o)  ..and Johnny Depp whew! ..did they just take him out the oven..cuz hes hot! (corny..i know ..yet it made u laugh ;p )

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

just a rebel make-up day

So this morning I decided not to coordinate my make-up ...brownish eyeshadow ...bonzer and PINK lips.. its not the best look but I didnt care.  Usually if I do a more neutral brown eye I will use a peach blush/bronzer and neutral shade lip to create a well balanced make-up application.. but not today =p 

... sooo here it is:

the "in my car on my way to work photoshoot"


"if i'd observed all the rules, i'd never have got anywhere"
-Marilyn Monroe

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tarina Tarantino ... now at Sephora =D

I have become a fan of Tarina Tarantino ever since she created her Hello Kitty jewelry line (i freakin LOVE Hello Kitty).  She is an accessory designer who has been given the title "queen of irreverent luxury".   Or you might know her as the woman with the bright fuchsia hair:
Tarina has always been a lover of all things pink and sparkly ...which is usually the inspiration/theme behind a lot of her creations. She was not always an accessory designer..before she became well known she modeled in Paris (at night she would create one of a kind jewelry pieces.. that would get sold right off (literally) her because people loved them sooo much) and even worked as a full time make-up artist in LA. 

What happens when you mix make-up artist + pink-a-licious Accessory designer?

only the most amazing thing ever!!! The Tarina Tarantino make-up line is now at Sephora and it is super CUTE!!  I mean ..come on a kabuki brush called a "kapinki"... LOVE IT!!!


PS: check out her website she has some awesome "Acid Alice" jewelry inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Current Read: The Other Side of The Story

I have just started reading The Other Side of The Story by Marian Keyes.   I have quite enjoyed some of her other books (almost as much as I enjoy ALL of Sophie Kinsella's work (they both write romantic comedys/chick lit)) .. they are usually based on real life difficult situations portrayed in a comical way .  Her main character is normally a female (realistic/relatable type) in hot pursuit of some form of happiness.  I just love her writing style is it very addictive, entertaining, and freakin hilarious.  I laugh so hard at some of the things that end up taking place in her novels.

The Other Side of The Story is all about the world of publishing and the views of three different females and their relationship with each other.  They all have their own personal life dramas and drama w/ each other...  The beginning is kind of slow but I know it will be a great read. Once I have finished reading it I will post a "sukie style" review :o)