Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hourglass Veil Foundation

A couple weeks ago I noticed that my skin was starting to look extremely bad around my jaw line, cheek, and chin area.  I was getting little bumps that just would not go away =(   I figured it probably had to do w/ my foundation; HD foundation by Makeup Forever.  Dont get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this foundation it looks freakin amazing on the skin (i will never give up using this foundation).... but with continued everyday use it gives my skin bumps  =/.  So I knew I had to change up my foundation and couldnt wear my HD foundation on a daily basis anymore.  

So I started to use my Nars sheer glow foundation and Lancome teint idole instead.  Then I discovered Hourglass Veil Foundation ...and OMG I love it!! Yes it does cost 60 bucks =/ but it is fabulous!! This foundation claims: it has medium coverage (i feel like it is full coverage) and its a "treatment foundation" in this case it helps produce collagen, reduce appearance of wrinkles and tighten the skin.  It is also oil/paraben/fragrance free and it has SPF 15. 

...the best thing about this foundation.. it helped clear up my skin and keep it clear .. it has some ingredient that helps do this ...but I have not yet pin pointed what it is. It wears well all day, is creamy and has a thicker consistency (causing my skin to get oily quicker than w/ other foundations) than i am used to; but i dont consider it a bad thing. 

I am wearing Hourglass foundation (color 1.5):



P.S: Betsey Johnson is having a 40%-70% off sale on their website (Feb 25th-Mar 3rd) yay!!=D

nail color of the season: PUTTY!!

Neutral shades are always a safe bet when it comes to nail colors; a taupe color is not only safe it also makes a bold statement.  It's a shade that is very flattering on all skin tones. 

My favorite putty shades:

Chanel in Particuliere:

OPI in you dont know Jacques:

I think this color looks best on short sq-oval nails but im growing mine out and didnt feel like cutting them :o)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

FOTD: Book of Shadows - Alice in Wonderland

I am soo loving my urban decay Alice in Wonderland palette... below I am wearing the color absolem (green) and mad hatter (brown). ** I hardly ever match my eyeshadow with what I am wearing but it just happened this time =/

Rest of the face:
Highlight: rice paper(mac)
Eyeliner: bootblack  (mac)
Mascara: prep+prime lash and zoomlash (mac)
Brows: Benefit brow kit
Foundation: Nars Sheer Glow (color: punjab)
Blush: throbb (benefit) w. moon river (mac) over it
Lips: blankety lipstick (mac)
Setting powder: mac blot powder only in areas that tend to get oily

Monday, February 22, 2010

NEW Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown

So today I tried the newest shimmer brick called Nectar.  It is soooo pretty! I am a fan of shimmer and a total fan of the shimmer bricks .. i mite even have all the colors =/.  I usually add the shimmer brick on top of my blush as a light wash of shimmer.  I have noticed that when i wear a shimmer brick alone it starts to look like too much shimmer and not enough color as the day progresses the best way to go is to put it over your bronzer or blush :o)

Here it is:

In this picture I am wearing barbados tan bronzer by Bobbi Brown with Nectar over it:

...Still trying to master taking pics while driving ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010 ...and Dear John

I have had OPI's black cherry chutney (from OPI's India collection) for the longest time and I never used it until yesterday...and its quite nice.  I felt it was my duty as an Indian to purchase most of the collection... I know ..I freakin have a problem =/

...My sister told me (yes TOLD ME ..didnt ask) to touch up her hair color. I went to beauty school when I was in high school and ever since i have been her personal colorist. It came out nice ..according to her. She likes her hair looking a little orangey.

In the last week I have watched both of the current hyped up chick flicks: Valentines day and Dear John. To my surprise both of them were very good.  Valentines day was hilarious and Dear John had me teary eyed most of the time. It was soooo good.  Heartbreak sucks but (deep breath)..gotta remember everything will always end up being ok. I wont say anymore because I dont want to ruin the movie for anyone. :o)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Current Eye Cream

The eye cream that I am using at the moment is eyliplex-2.  It comes as a day gel /night balm set (two different products) it resembles a contact lens storage case ... I only use the night balm.  I tried using the day gel for a while but did not find it to do much so I dont use it at all anymore.  BUT the night balm is amazing!!!! I even use it during the day sometimes =D 

This product is created by Good Skin Labs; which was only carried at Khols department stores up until last year when Good Skin Labs no longer had a contract and could be carried at other retailers =D  which is when I discovered the product.

I believe this product is $39.50 at most places which puts it at a little less then $20 per eye cream ..tbat is one heck of a deal.

The claim: The day gel is the one that claims to lift/tighten/brighten the skin around the eye and the night balm reduces dark circles. = Providing support 24 hrs a day.

I can only really speak for the night balm since I have not really used the day gel... I would say I noticed that my eye area did not look as dark about a week after using the balm every night. I continue to use the balm even during the day becasue it makes the eye area so smooth and my concealer just glides on..and I also feel like I dont use as much concealer anymore.

Some other eye creams I have used: 

I never had any problems w/ any of these other eye creams but I like to keep switching up my skin care.. that way my skin doesnt get used to any one product.

What is your holy grail eye cream?

Monday, February 15, 2010


When it comes to lashes… there are many ways to enhance them. For me personally the thicker the better. Sometimes I purposely even go for the clumpy/ spidery effect. I always like to start with my MAC prep+prime lash. Just like the hair on our head we need to condition our lashes as well, since mascaras and face washes can be very drying. The prep+prime not only conditions the lashes but it also helps build length and volume =D

The MAC #205 mascara fan brush is also a great tool to have. Before I worked for MAC I never really cared for it much.. but using it on all type of lashes and seeing the difference it can make has turned me into a fan brush lover!

It is very simple to use all you do is take the brush then pick up the mascara from the mascara wand. Then you light stroke it upwards like you would a normal mascara wand. This will take more time but the pay off is worth it.

                                  W/O fan brush:
W/ Fan Brush:

I used cover girl lash blast and a MAC eyelash curler for this comparison.  All done:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Urban Decay has a NEW Primer Potion

So I discovered today that Urban Decay has a new primer potion, I was so excited when I saw it. It is called Eden and the bottle itself is a matte beige color  ...because this primer potion is a "matte tawny hue".  (only sold at Sephora at the moment)

It has all the properties of the original primer potion (an eyeshadow base that will give you smoother lids, crease-proof, and give you a more vibrant / longer lasting eyeshadow payoff) with an added matte and almost concealer like effect.

 I absolutely love the original primer potion and use it on a daily bases (it keeps my shadow on and looking fresh all day), I have also tried the primer potion in sin.  Sin was released last year; it is shimmery with a nudeish light pink hue.  They both work well depending on what look you are going for.  You can even use them alone for a more simple look.  I tired the new eden and was a little disappointed because it kind of made my eyelid skin look dry =/  Eden is very similar to Benefit's F.Y.EYE except eden did not go on as smooth.

I am not giving up on eden.. I do like the concept.  I am going to continue using and see if I can grow to love this product just as I have with the other two.

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Favorite Nail Polish

I am currently loving OPI's kiss on the chic; I was hesitant to get it when I first saw it since "its just another pink".  But it is not, this color is opaque after 2 coats and it has a blue undertone!

Blue undertone???

The blue undertone keeps the baby pink looking like a true pink; Some other pink shades have a tendency of looking a little orangey on me they end up lookling like a salmon shade (which is pretty.. but not when I want pink).

I can wait to check out OPI's Hong Kong colletion (spring 2010). =D