Monday, February 15, 2010


When it comes to lashes… there are many ways to enhance them. For me personally the thicker the better. Sometimes I purposely even go for the clumpy/ spidery effect. I always like to start with my MAC prep+prime lash. Just like the hair on our head we need to condition our lashes as well, since mascaras and face washes can be very drying. The prep+prime not only conditions the lashes but it also helps build length and volume =D

The MAC #205 mascara fan brush is also a great tool to have. Before I worked for MAC I never really cared for it much.. but using it on all type of lashes and seeing the difference it can make has turned me into a fan brush lover!

It is very simple to use all you do is take the brush then pick up the mascara from the mascara wand. Then you light stroke it upwards like you would a normal mascara wand. This will take more time but the pay off is worth it.

                                  W/O fan brush:
W/ Fan Brush:

I used cover girl lash blast and a MAC eyelash curler for this comparison.  All done:

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