Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I love to dress up ...I was a bit on a budget this year so I created my costume :D 
My husband and I went as sugar skulls / dia de los muertos inspiration to a party the weekend before Halloween.  

So today I pulled put an old costume and did a quick makeup job to entertain the trick or treaters.

What did you guys dress up as?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Lips :)

Dark plum lips are all the craze at the moment and I love it! I went to a wedding this past weekend and decided I wanted a dark lip look ...I didn't want it too too dark so I added a bit of a hot pink to it.  What do you guys think?! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Why have I been MIA again...??

Well I went and got married I have been a bit stressed and overwhelmed. It all started about 3 months ago when my fiancé(at the time)and I decided we should get married 11-11-11 ... Why that date? not because it's lucky.. We did it because he has a hard time remembering anything of the reasons why he proposed on my birthday. It was that or we wait until 12-12-12 and no one wanted to wait ...I mean what for right? Since it was spur of the moment ... We had about a month and a half to plan and get the wedding together and I am pretty darn happy with the outcome. I have not yet gotten the pictures from the photographer but as soon as I get them I will post them ...with the help of a good friend I even hand made my wedding invitations :)

That is a picture my best friend (also my maid of honor) took of my husband and I while we were so seriously posing for the camera guy...the location and pose courtesy of Javier my husband he was very proud of this pose he came up with all on his own.

I was reading the current cosmo magazine and came across this clipping ...omg it's the short wedding dress I wore ..I also wore a long traditional Indian one as well to come

This was our custom cake topper ... Everyone absolutely loved it ... I got it from etsy the lady was so nice and easy to work with.  

So where am I now? ...still a bit overwhelmed but getting better ...and slowly adjusting to the married life. Since things are getting back to normal and I am getting more iPad savvy ;p I will start trying to post regularly again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Current Read: Little Bee

I am the kind of girl that loves to read chick lit.. I really like romatic comedy's ( I love all books by Sophie Kinsilla) but once in a while I will read different types of books twilight ;p.  Currently I picked up this book which I have seen pop up everywhere .. it is writtten very well and easy to keep reading. The book is about a Nigerian refugee I dont want to say too much more except that it is very interesting and you will not want to put the book down.

What kinds of book do you like?  What are you currently reading?

Gucci Guilty!!!

I am not one to fall in love with perfumes very often I have my 4 staples and I only go back and fourth between them and dont ever let any other perfume into the click ... until I tried the new Gucci perfume.  It is a heavier scent but I enjoy it :)

And the package is just so pretty ... as you can see I have used so much of it already even tho I have only had it for about a month and a half.  This size above which is a 50 ml retails for $75 USD.  The fragrance is classified as a floriental, with notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber, and patchouli.  This is a very seductive and sexy scent but can still be worn during the day.  The first couple moments you will feel that the scent is kind of heavy but after that it will become soft and you will not even remember you have it on .. (well i guess its the same for all scents)

I just got news that the Guy one is out and I am dying to smell it .. maybe the bf will get one too.

Skin Care Haul

Hello everyone ... I know I have been MIA for a while but I have a very good reason .. my laptop is messed up and I havent had the time to research what laptop I would like to invest in next in the mean time I am using my sister whenever she lets me

Now on to the products I got, the 2 Clarins products are re-buys and the 2 Estee Lauder products are new spring items so it is the first time I am trying them.

This Clarins base is so awesome it is called instant smooth and that is exactly what it does.  It is a little pricey.. it retails for $32 USD... but it is worth it.  This is my 2nd one, I use it very sparingly and not everyday.. only times I really need my skin to look very even and flawless.  I used it a lot when I worked for MAC becasue it would keep the foundation out of my pores and I was less likely to break out.  Yon just need very little becaues it spreads very easily.  I usually just put it on with a foundation brush. It keeps your makup on all day and evens out any little bumps, pores, or fine lines.   
Another Clarins item I love is the Beauty Flash Balm which retails for $45 USD.  This product can be used for hydration ..radiance tighten and firm, as a mask,  it brightens the face, Olive extract and Witch Hazel tighten while Bisabolol softens, Algae extract revitalizes.  I usually like to tap it on my under eye and cheek area to get a nice glow with a tightening and lifting effect. I am not sure if this product can actually firm your skin because I dont use it all the time, but for me it has a short term (one day) firming effect.  I do not use this item as my skin care routine I just like to use it whenever my skin feels dull over or under my make up :) You need very little if you are going to put it over your make up or else your foundation will start to get clumpy.  On a hot summer day this product is great as a mask ...just place it in the fridge for 30 mins before you put it on. 

Estee Lauder reformulated their already popular daywear plus moisturizer and is now called DayWear Plus Multi protection Anti-oxidant moisturizer SPF 15.. Retails for $43 USD.  This is a preventative moisturizer it helps prevent lines and other signs of aging before they appear.  They added ingredients that help keep fighting off free radicals all day.  It still has the same fresh cucumber scent, I hate cucumbers but the scent is not to overbearing.  It is a good moisturizer for me for now because it helps hydrate just enough and is not greasy.  And I gotta have my SPF which this has.

And now to the most exciting product for me ..a NEW mascara... called Sumptous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara.. it retails for $23.50 USD.  They say it has all the benefits of our best-selling sumptous, to an extreme ..its intensified formula and the biggest brush ever (which is not too big from what I am used to)makes lashes seem to multiply and magnify false lashes... I will post a pic of my lashes with ut mascara and then with this mascara and the usual drug store mascara I use.  I really fell in love with this mascara due to the advertisement.. I am a sucker for good pics... I guess I am very visual. It comes in 4 different colors but I only like black mascara ;p

The add:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Venomous Villains

SSSOOOO I have been dying to get my hands on this collection!! unfortunately I was working the day it came out so my bf said he would go and get the stuff for me (sooo sweet!). He got there right before the store opened so nothing would be sold out yet. I wanted everything but I knew I couldnt have it all.. so it took me forever to decide what I should get...

I got at least one item from each collection >)

Dr Facilier: Lipgelee in resort life (it is very glittery .. look more like chunks of glitter on your lips vs. glossy.. i still love it since im a fan of nude)
Maleficent: lipglass in revenge is sweet (love this on because it reminds me of "kiss me" gloss by looks bright but its a sheer light pink that enhances any lipstick you put underneath)

Cruella De Vil:
Lipstick in innocence, beware (love it .. pinky nude... my fav!!)
Lipglass in devilishly stylish (cute w/ the lipstick or alone.. its a peachy nude)

and my most favorite ..The Evil queen! .. I love her and I some how always thought I look like her :p
eyeshadow in vainglorious (very pretty color.. i used it as eyeliner today)
beauty powder in oh so fair (i got this one just because i like the picture on the outside..maybe ill use it one day)
blush in bite of an apple (very nice color but can get quite intense very quickly its a matte coraly pink)

so yes this collection is a must ..even if you just get one item.. it just makes me soo happy :o)

the "happily ever after" end!

What are your favorite items from this collection?