Monday, October 4, 2010

Venomous Villains

SSSOOOO I have been dying to get my hands on this collection!! unfortunately I was working the day it came out so my bf said he would go and get the stuff for me (sooo sweet!). He got there right before the store opened so nothing would be sold out yet. I wanted everything but I knew I couldnt have it all.. so it took me forever to decide what I should get...

I got at least one item from each collection >)

Dr Facilier: Lipgelee in resort life (it is very glittery .. look more like chunks of glitter on your lips vs. glossy.. i still love it since im a fan of nude)
Maleficent: lipglass in revenge is sweet (love this on because it reminds me of "kiss me" gloss by looks bright but its a sheer light pink that enhances any lipstick you put underneath)

Cruella De Vil:
Lipstick in innocence, beware (love it .. pinky nude... my fav!!)
Lipglass in devilishly stylish (cute w/ the lipstick or alone.. its a peachy nude)

and my most favorite ..The Evil queen! .. I love her and I some how always thought I look like her :p
eyeshadow in vainglorious (very pretty color.. i used it as eyeliner today)
beauty powder in oh so fair (i got this one just because i like the picture on the outside..maybe ill use it one day)
blush in bite of an apple (very nice color but can get quite intense very quickly its a matte coraly pink)

so yes this collection is a must ..even if you just get one item.. it just makes me soo happy :o)

the "happily ever after" end!

What are your favorite items from this collection?


  1. Love this collection. Im so gutted i don;t live closer to a MAC, i have to drive about an hour or order online! :( x

  2. This collection is so cool! I hope MAC and Disney collaborate again. Cute blog - I followed. Check out mine if you like:


  3. oh this is amazing! i love it

  4. I really liked this collection but I didn't pick anything up from it!!