Saturday, February 20, 2010

Current Eye Cream

The eye cream that I am using at the moment is eyliplex-2.  It comes as a day gel /night balm set (two different products) it resembles a contact lens storage case ... I only use the night balm.  I tried using the day gel for a while but did not find it to do much so I dont use it at all anymore.  BUT the night balm is amazing!!!! I even use it during the day sometimes =D 

This product is created by Good Skin Labs; which was only carried at Khols department stores up until last year when Good Skin Labs no longer had a contract and could be carried at other retailers =D  which is when I discovered the product.

I believe this product is $39.50 at most places which puts it at a little less then $20 per eye cream ..tbat is one heck of a deal.

The claim: The day gel is the one that claims to lift/tighten/brighten the skin around the eye and the night balm reduces dark circles. = Providing support 24 hrs a day.

I can only really speak for the night balm since I have not really used the day gel... I would say I noticed that my eye area did not look as dark about a week after using the balm every night. I continue to use the balm even during the day becasue it makes the eye area so smooth and my concealer just glides on..and I also feel like I dont use as much concealer anymore.

Some other eye creams I have used: 

I never had any problems w/ any of these other eye creams but I like to keep switching up my skin care.. that way my skin doesnt get used to any one product.

What is your holy grail eye cream?

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