Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sooo sick =/

So the past couple days have been horrible .. I had caught the flu from a friend but I kept telling myself im fine.

WRONG! this morning I woke up with huge tonsils! UUMM GROSS and painful! and now I feel sicker than ever... but besides the hurt throat, running nose, constant sneezing/coughing, watery eyes, an annoying pounding in my head and an on/off temp .. i am totally fine ;o)

This morning I decided my favorite mascara routine is:

-curl (MAC)
-prep&prime lash (MAC)
-LashBlast (covergirl) 2 coats
-Fabulash (revlon) 2 coats ..over the lashblast

and taaa daa!!!

I get dark, long and thick lashes! and it comes off super easy when I wash my face because I use the non-waterproof kind.

Whats my favorite high end mascara combo??? ... havent quite decided yet... I'll keep you posted tho :o)

random quote I used today (love it):
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
I know its over used ..but its so freakin true!

P.S: yay for Shaun White on the cover of  RollingStone magazine!

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