Saturday, March 6, 2010

Edward Cullen... my little problem

Ok so like a lot of other girls..and guys..after reading the Twilight series I also fell oh so hopelessly in love w/ Edward Cullen.
..No joke! to the point where i found myself quoting him =/ but who can blame me .. hes just so perfect!

So after falling in love w/ Edward and the twilight series, I watched Twilight (the movie) and slowly after watching it a few times started having a thing for Robert Pattinson. sister says his face looks like a foot! ugh! hate her sometimes =p

So I was watching the view the other day because Robert Pattinson was going to be on there; he was promoting his new movie Remember Me with Emilie de Ravin (girl from Lost).  Now I had seen previews of the movie before.. it was tempting but I had told myself I could live w/o  watching it..  yeah.. no! not after watching him on the view...

I freakin gotta watch it now.. I mean ..just look at him!!

THIS is freakin ridiculous one could almost say that Stephenie Mayer (author of Twilight/creator of Edward)  has even single handed-ly ruined my love life forever!!!  I want Edward and will never find him.. how sad :o(

All this madness could have been prevented if it werent for Stephenie having a dream about a vampire and a girl talking in the meadow about how "all this is impossible and will never work"... yeah thats how all this started ..w/ a dream!! Dont believe me? check out her website!

..but then again I live for madness ..otherwise things would be ooohhh soo boring!! and who likes BORING?!

..but dont take my word for it:

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous that absolutely boring"
-Marilyn Monroe

** New moon comes out on March 20th, 2010 ..SOOO soon =D  .. I already pre-ordered my "3"disc deluxe edition at 

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