Monday, March 1, 2010

Current Read: The Other Side of The Story

I have just started reading The Other Side of The Story by Marian Keyes.   I have quite enjoyed some of her other books (almost as much as I enjoy ALL of Sophie Kinsella's work (they both write romantic comedys/chick lit)) .. they are usually based on real life difficult situations portrayed in a comical way .  Her main character is normally a female (realistic/relatable type) in hot pursuit of some form of happiness.  I just love her writing style is it very addictive, entertaining, and freakin hilarious.  I laugh so hard at some of the things that end up taking place in her novels.

The Other Side of The Story is all about the world of publishing and the views of three different females and their relationship with each other.  They all have their own personal life dramas and drama w/ each other...  The beginning is kind of slow but I know it will be a great read. Once I have finished reading it I will post a "sukie style" review :o)

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