Monday, May 17, 2010

Benetint and Eclipse Fashion!

Let me start off by saying I Love Benefit products .. it could be a result of working for Benefit Cosmetics for 2-3 years in the ast  .. or its because they have absolutely fantastic products.. I used to use Benetint (it is a steamed rose petal stain that was originally made for a stripper nipples but in present times it is used for long lasting lip and cheek color) very often and I just forgot about it for the last couple years; until the other day I was running late for work and didnt want to go to work w/ no make-up on (because then I look 14); I put on a little bit of concealer under my eyes (due to my genetic dark circles.. thats what I get for being indian :p) ..some mascara and Benetint on my lips ..a couple layers to get the color a bit more intense.. I added a little glosss over it and I was all set!

yes yes underneath all the bronzers ..foundations.. and self tanners.. i am just a pale kid but over the years i'v learned to work with what i'v got :o)

Beneath the make-up & behind the smile i'm just a girl who wishes for the world
-Marilyn Monroe

I am just sooo freakin excited for June 30th to come already!!... whats june 30th??? 
Eclipse!!!!  I am such a fan of twilight as you can probably tell by reading my previous posts ;p ..  OK now get this.. Nordstrom is going to have their very own line of Eclipse inspired clothes!! I am so excited can pre-order now on .. they even have lifesize cutouts of Jacob..Bella..Alice and Edward .. but I dont know about all that.  I did like some of the sweatshirts and tanks tho.. They also have the Luna Twilight make-up line on there .. I havent tried any of the products yet but I might have to =o

Did i mention I am sooooo excited?!


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  2. Wow, Twilight just might be the "it" thing in our lifetime. haha

  3. oh la la. love your blog backgound-- so pretty!

    The Kissters