Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love and Hate

OK so I came to the realization that I always talk about things that I love.. and why not if I love something I want others to have the opportunity to love it too.  At the same time I need to talke about things that I dislike..

Example this Redken shampoo.. I disliked it to the MAX there came a point where just looking at it pissed me off.. I even left it in the shower so my sister would use it up; because she uses all my stuff and she didnt even use it.
Reasons why I disliked this product:
it claims that it will preserve your hair color (dyed) vs. a regular shampoo.. tell me why this shampoo stripped my color soo fast and gave me a dry scalp. I had red highlights at the time and they faded to a brown so fast while I was using this shampoo/conditioner.  For comparison reasons I have to say while I was using my purple pureology shampoo the red highlights lasted so much longer..

only plus smelled good.

ok on to my favorite part.. what I love.. so I got this exfoliator about 2 months ago and I use it once every week.  It has very fine exfoliant beads and smells citrus-y.  I use it while im in the shower and I exfoliate my skin continuously for 2 mins w/ it for a deep cleaning.  Its not some miracle worker but it does work well.. I have noticed brighter more glowy skin.. less blackheads in the nose area and it even helps fade scaring a bit too.

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